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Kit Radar would like to introduce this new hydration tracker called THIRSTI PUCK.

We first came across this hydration tracker on Dragon's Den and were intrigued. Although the Dragons weren't impressed, we had to give it a go ourselves to see if they were right.

In our office, we have plenty of sports people but unlike Deborah Meadon do forget to have enough water:

“I know what I have drunk a day. Heaven forbid I have to have a little alarm to make me drink the thing that keeps me alive.”Deborah on Dragon's Den

So we had to try it ourselves.

But first, why would we even consider using this product?

Nowadays, with our busy lives, it’s easy to forget to drink enough water. Proper hydration is as vital to your health.

We often tend to forget that exercising isn’t enough to take care of your body. We need to ensure we are drinking plenty of water throughout the day, too.

Thirsti Puck is your personal coach that efficiently tracks how much water you've drunk. Thirsti has created a device that sits in your water bottle to track your level of liquid intake so that you are always hydrated and healthy. The device will send you a reminder when you need to drink more water.

The Puck uses a highly sensitive and patented pressure sensing technology. It runs on a CR2032v battery, which is inexpensive and can be found in most shops. The battery lasts for around 3 to 4 months of constant use although it depends on how many times it flashes each day.

To avoid dehydration and feel more alert throughout, Thirsti helps you maintain your personal hydration target and thus aids in reducing weight by drinking more water. The Puck gently reminds you to drink throughout the day. BPA free, the Puck is designed to work with other drinks such as squash, milk and juice. But at the same time, remember not to use the device in any fizzy drinks.

The Puck glows in your water bottle and sends a notification to your phone. Over time, your hydration habits change and you begin to drink more water. The device comes with its own Thirsti App that records your hydration history so you can track your progress to see how you're improving. The App is compatible with iOS phones for now but the good news is that the Android version of it is in the making.

And, what’s more? The App evens tells you your water temperature, and prompts you to change it when your water goes stale.


Thirsti Puck Unboxing

Thirsti Puck what is inside the box

The box is a nice looking, very clean design - as you would expect from a water based product. All blues and whites. The actual Thirsti Puck is tiny in comparison (guess it has to fit into every water bottle), and included is a battery and instructions.


The first thing to do is download the app and create an account. The process is relatively straight forward, although as you can see in the images, the text was a bit misaligned on our device. This didn't detract from the experience, but issues need to be resolved as the company develops.

Create an account, enter weight, age, height and activity level - I assume to customise the amount of water to drink (although this is an option later - and place the Thirsti Puck into your container, as shown below.

Creating an account on Thirsti Puck

Thirsti Puck App

Thirsti Puck App and Review

Thirsti Puck Review in Water Bottle


When the Thirsti Puck is placed into an empty water bottle, the app asks to make sure the Thirsti Puck is upright, and then fill with water!

Activating Thirsti Puck Review

Thirsti Puck Activation and App

After entering a few other details like the amount of water you have put in, the bottle you are using and confirming your target drinking habit. The device LED lights flicker throughout the process to ensure you are connected.


Personally, I found the Thirsti Puck rather useful. If the outcome is to drink more water, then having the device and a water bottle by your desk certainly triggers drinking. 

If you do miss out then you get these lovely ;) reminders, as you can see below.

I think I have gone through 10 to 20 reminders - all different so far. So they have spent the time not to be too repetitive. 

Thirsti Puck Reminders in the App


Ok, so the Thirsti Puck did it's job in making me drink more water, but there were some bad points.

One, the number and frequency of the reminders were starting to get on my nerves. If you could tell the app how many reminders you wanted that would be great.

Secondly, the misaligned text in the app is nuisance and should be addressed.

Finally, some will question the cleanliness of moving the device from one bottle to another (i.e. you have to wash it and dry it before putting it into the next bottle or bag for transporting).

Honestly, I think you have a choice - if you want something for numerous bottles then this is the right choice, if you want something for one bottle then perhaps an electronic bottle with hydration tracker (normally double the price) may be a better option. 


Overall, at in its current state I would give it a 7 out of 10.

If the app was fixed (which is may be by the time you read this), and the reminders could be more tailored then I would give it a 9. The price is good, but I can imagine this technology getting much cheaper in a few years time. 

Independent review by Bryan Roberts

If you would like to buy a Thirsti Puck please click this link https://kitradar.com/products/thirsti-puck-hydration-tracker and get a 10% discount on your first order if you join our Members Club.

So bid farewell to irregular liquid drinking habits and never forget to drink!

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Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts

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