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If you are looking for sports gifts this Christmas and your loved one loves the latest gadgets with fantastic discounts, then the Kit Radar Black Friday Cyber Monday sale is for you!

Check out these amazing deals; impress friends and family with the most innovative sports kit around. 


Shop the Kit Radar Black Friday deals between9am and11:59pm on Friday 24th November 2017.

Shop the Kit Radar Cyber Monday deals between 9am and 11:59pm on Monday 27th November 2017.



- 20% OFF(£135.99) this Black Friday Cyber Monday! (RRP: £169.99)


kit radar - sports tech - gadgets - sport - running - insole

Get your hands on these top of the range heated insoles, and keep your toes warm this winter! Available in a range of sizes, Digitsole's Warm Series is the ultimate cycling shoe accessory. 

Control the temperature via an app on your phone for a totally smart cycling experience. 

Find our Black Friday deal here: https://kitradar.com/products/digitsole-warm-series-heated-insoles-for-cycling 


- 20% OFF (£79.99) on Black Friday Cyber Monday! (RRP: £99.99)


kit radar - black friday - deal - running - smart - tech - gadget

Unlike the Warm Series, these might not keep your feet warm, but they will give you the most tech-savvy run of your life! In these insoles, Digitsole created the first performance wearable for both running and cycling analysis. 

Record and analyse in 3D and in real time on your phone via their handy app, learn more about your technique and perfect it easily with this fantastic piece of tech!

Find our Black Friday deal here: https://kitradar.com/products/digitsole-run-cycling-profiler-smart-insoles


- 20% OFF at just £71.99 this Black Friday Cyber Monday! (RRP £89.99)


kit radar - black friday - orscana - horse - health - monitor - tech - gadget - horse riding

This amazing piece of tech is an essential buy for anyone who rides horses. The Arioneo Orscana monitors the temperature, perspiration and movement of a horse to give you an overview of its health.

This truly is the most cutting-edge technology in the horse industry right now, sending data directly to your phone for easy use. It's the must-have gadget for any horse lover!

Find it in our Black Friday sale here: https://kitradar.com/products/arioneo-orscana-monitor-horses-health-at-rest


- 10% OFF on Black Friday! (RRP £34.95)

thirsti puck - hydration - tech - gadget - sports - fitness

Have you ever found yourself getting to the end of a day without drinking a single cup of water? Do you struggle with headaches from dehydration? If you have ever found yourself forgetting to stay hydrated then the Thirsti Puck is for you! 

Easily sitting at the bottom of your water bottle or glass, the Thirsti Puck tracks how much water you're drinking and reminds you when you need to drink more! The perfect gadget to help you stay healthy, it's a must buy this Black Friday.

Find it on sale here: https://kitradar.com/products/thirsti-puck-hydration-tracker


- £161.95 this Black Friday Cyber Monday! (RRP £179.95)

coros - linx - open ear - helmet - cycling - bike - kit radar

Have you ever wished you could listen to music safely whilst riding your bike? Now you can! Avoid the danger of headphones on your bike with the Coros Linx, the open-ear precision audio bike helmet, 10% off this Black Friday on Kickstarter! 

Find it here: https://kitradar.com/products/coros-open-ear-precision-audio-helmet-for-cyclists


- Just £28.75 this Black Friday Cyber Monday! (RRP £31.95)

flipbelt - running - gear - kit radar

Never stress about your phone, wallet or keys on a run again! If you, like so many others, find yourself at a loss as to where to put the essentials when running, then the Flipblet is a must buy! 

With space for your phone, money, keys, or even your passport, the Flipbelt comes in multiple colours and can even be reflective for nighttime runs. 

Find it here on Black Friday:  https://kitradar.com/products/zipper-reflective-flipbelt


- 10% OFF on Black Friday Cyber Monday(RRP £149.99)

bellabeat - smart jewellery - health tracker - health - fitness

The Bellabeat Leaf Urban is the 2nd Generation of Smart Jewellery from the brand. One of the most eye-catching and attractive health trackers on the market, the Bellabeat Leaf Urban is just £134.99 in our Black Friday Sale! 

Track your activity, sleep, breathing and menstrual cycle with this amazing piece of smart tech!

Find it on Black Friday here: https://kitradar.com/products/bellabeat-leaf-urban-second-generation-smart-jewellery


- REDUCED FROM £159.99 TO £129.99!

lumos - helmet - cycling - indicator - break light - bike - road safety

If you cycle to and from work, the Lumos Bike Helmet with Smart Lighting System is the most important piece of kit that you could buy! 

With built-in indicators, brake lights and front lighting, this innovative bike helmet helps increase your visibility on the roads - getting you one step closer to a safe ride home! 

Find it with a massive 25% off in our Black Friday sale here: https://kitradar.com/products/lumos-bike-helmet-with-smart-lighting-system


- 20% OFF on Black Friday, reduced to £279.99! (RRP £349.99)

skateboard - electric - blink board - acton - blink - skate

No matter how old you are, your inner child will love the Acton Blink Skateboard! Failing that, the young adventurer in your life would love this amazing electric board as a gift this Christmas! 

With a max speed of 10mph and a range of 7 miles, the Blink S is the coolest way to get around right now. 

Find it with 20% off on Black Friday: https://kitradar.com/products/acton-blink-electric-skateboard


- 10% OFF on Black Friday Cyber Monday(RRP £99.99) 

zepp - football tracker - sport - tech - gear

This awesome piece of football tech brings the ultimate game into the 21st century. Simply insert into the calf sleeve and use the Zepp Football Tracker to provide an overall insight into your performance on the pitch. 

Using auto-clip technology the Zepp tracker creates video highlights from your game and tracks your on-field stats, including total kicks, sprints, distance, max speed and more! 

Find it in our Black Friday sale here: https://kitradar.com/products/zepp-football-soccer-boot-tracker


- 10% OFF on Black Friday Cyber Monday(RRP £89.99)

lumo - running - tech - gear - tracker

Running with poor form can have serious implications for your physical health, from causing back problems to impacting your knees! That's where the Lumo Run comes in... 

This stylish piece of smart tech clips to the back of your shorts and tracks your technique by measuring elements of your run including the cadence, bounce, pelvic rotation, pelvic drop and braking. Using this information it then coaches you via an app, with personalised recommendations and exercises!

Find it for just £80.99 on Black Friday here: https://kitradar.com/products/lumo-run-analyse-running-form


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Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts

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