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This week's review comes from Dominic Chapman of Northern Reviewer. Dominic Chapman is a keen cyclist and reviewer of products, so he knows his stuff. We sent Dominic the Bycyclogical Gripster for free in exchange for this independent review. You will see from others reviews that our customers can say what they like, because we only support true innovation. Here is Dominic's review.



The Bicyclogical Gripster is one of those products, that doesn’t do much of anything, but is yet still incredibly useful. Designed by the team at Bycyclogical, it’s one and only purpose is to ensure your bike can be stored neatly against a wall or other flat surface, without damaging the wall or running the risk of falling over and damaging that very important rear mech.

When it comes to the packaging, well there isn’t much at all. The Gripster simply comes packaged in a small bit of cardboard, of which the Gripster sits neatly in the middle of. There’s plenty of information about the product on this small bit of card that gives you a good insight into what the product is for. This minimal packaging approach is quite welcome in my opinion as it shows that Bycylogical is sensible when it comes to waste management.

Bycyclogical Gripster Review and Packaging


When I initially received the Gripster, I was quite impressed by just how simple it is. Everything from the packaging to the product itself is quite simple and in my opinion that makes this an easy product to fall in love with. No complications and no hassle, just a simple straightforward product.

Bycyclogical Gripster in Red

One of the best things about the Gripster is that it has been designed to work with both mountain bikes and road bikes. Mountain bikes with straight handlebars simply slot into the center of the Gripster, while road bikes with drop bars make use of the well-positioned cutouts on each side. It has also been designed to suit the many different sizes of handlebars and has a universal fit.

If DIY isn’t your thing, you’ll be pleased to know the Gripster requires no installation at all. It simply relies on the force between the bike and the surface to simply stay in place. There’s also a magnet on the bottom should you want to use a metal surface such as the side of a fridge or a metal pole. When at home I simply rest it against my dining room wall and it keeps the bike upright with no issues at all. I should also point out that it works just as well on rough surfaces as it does on smooth surfaces.

Bycyclogical Gripster on Mountain Bike MTB

While the wall I currently use it on, shows plenty of damage from my pre-Gripster era, I feel confident that once painted over, I will no longer have to worry about my bike scraping and damaging the new paintwork once I get around to painting the wall that is.

Lastly, the Gripster is small and lightweight, which means it’s really easy to carry around. This means it can be taken along with you to work and any other places, you might lean your bike against a flat surface. Simply throw it in your pocket, backpack or tube bag and get it out when you need it.

My final opinion of the Gripster is that it’s one hell of a product. Simple yet effective. What more could you ask for? Oh and the best thing about it is that it cost only £8.99 with free UK and Ireland shipping and is available in a few different colors from Kit Radar.

With nothing really to complain about, I am definitely giving this 10 out of 10.

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Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts

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