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When the Booband (now known as BooBuddy at the time of writing) first arrived in the office, the ladies in our office were both perplexed, amazed, intrigued and excited to give this a whirl in the gym. These guys get so many samples, that we thought we would ask one of our customers to review the Booband, and the lucky winner from our Ambassador program was Tracy Moore. Here is Tracy's review of the unboxing, washing and wearing of the Booband.

But first, what is the Booband?

According to the Booband website:

"The Booband / Boobuddy breast support band provides compression to women during physical activity, particularly high impact. It has been developed to dramatically reduce vertical and lateral breast movement; preventing pain, injury and ligament damage. 

This revolutionary accessory gives women of all shapes and sizes the confidence to exercise and play sport without embarrassment and fear of pain, leaving them to concentrate on performing to the best of their ability. 

Place the Boobuddy across the top of the breasts, either over or under your existing sports bra, and ensure it is tight enough to prevent bounce, but not cause restriction or discomfort.

If you don't know what we are talking about and can't visualise what it looks like, then here is the Official Booband Video.



Now onto Tracy's independent review:


The Booband comes in a very small compact package, allowing for easy postal delivery. The shiny packaging has a picture on the front, and, in addition to the simplistic images on the reverse, give a very clear indication of the way the product is designed to be used.

Booband Boobuddy Review and Unboxing

On opening, the packaging reveals a long elasticated band of 7.5cm width with the Booband logo and washing instructions on the back. Also in the packaging was a cardboard set of instructions, again depicting the correct ways to utilise the product and the care and washing instructions.

I am a size 10/12 with a 36C bust and chose the medium size product to try out. This size was perfect for me, not to big or small. The Booband is adjusted by a 9cm length of velcro style hooks. This gives the perfect fit over the upper part of the bust. I also tried it on my teenage daughter who is a size 8/10 with a 34B bust and it didn’t seem overly large on her, but she would definitely be a small.

Booband Boobuddy Independent Review

I would normally wear a crop top style sports bra, so am used to “squash ‘em down” feeling. Wearing a Booband did not feel different to a crop top.

Putting the Booband on. I am able to use my arms to fasten it behind my back, but you may find it easier to fasten in front, if you do not have the shoulder flexibility.


I tested the BOOBAND by playing in a netball match whilst wearing it. There are a lot of dynamic short movements and plenty of jumping involved. I didn’t notice the wearing of the product, but did notice the reduced bounce. I would say that the elasticity of product kept it in a good position, and even when jumping for rebounds with arms high above my head, I didn’t manage to dislodge it, undo it.

Occasionally, it rubbed under the armpits and I wanted to pull it down a couple of centimetres. If you are using the product for running and not a dynamic sport, or other exercise that involves lifting the arms above the head, you may find it doesn’t end up under the armpits so much.


I would expect to be sweaty after playing netball and the Boobane didn’t add to the sweatiness of the chest area. I wouldn’t feel the need to wash the Booband after every session of exercise, probably once a week, depending on how many sessions I have done. With it having Velcro you are advised not to put it in the washing machine as it will stick to, and possibly trash, anything else in there. It is small and easy enough to handwash and air dry, similar to heart rate monitor bands (just thicker).


In summary, this product worked well for me, but I do not consider myself to be particularly large chested. I will be recommending it to athletes and netballers I coach, particularly the larger ladies in my “Back to Netball” class.

Overall: 8 / 10

A positive independent customer review for Booband by Tracy. Certainly seems that the Booband reduces bounce for Netballers - which is great.

Here is another Booband review from Horse Riders:



What's is it?: Booband / Boobuddy is a unique take on a sports bra that supports the upward movement of the breast.

Who's it for?: High-intensity exercisers like runners, netballers & horse riders with ample assets that need protecting.

How much?: The Booband comes in two colours and 3 sizes £19.99

Where to buy it?:

At only £19.99, Booband is a great addition to your fitness wardrobe, and the lucky people who read to the bottom of this article can get 10% off using this code at the checkout: BOOBREVIEW




Booband have also create the SMUG Audio Bluetooth Headband.

Caroline Dean
Caroline Dean

Caroline is our queen ambassador, organising all the free gifts that ambassadors receive in exchange for reviews. Caroline's passion is collecting all those half marathon medals (and annoyingly showing them off to us in the office!)

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