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A world without batteries!

Sounds like a myth, but it could be soon upon us. Tom Lawton, the inventor of Million Mile Light, was on a mission to use "some of the energy running to power a light", after many attempts he cracked it - hence Million Mile Light - it will last for a Million Miles!!! For those interested here is Tom's story (although you can skip and go to the review below.)

"I was on an evening run at the end of autumn and it was one of those runs where I felt like Forest Gump.

The only thing I was racing against was the setting sun.

I live in the sticks and the pavements on the way home aren't all lit by streetlights.

Cars whip by at such a speed they almost blow you over.

I wondered if I could use some of the energy I use running to power lights that would keep me safe.

Over the following weeks, as the winter nights drew in, the problem became more apparent and I started to research a solution. I made lots of prototypes and consulted an expert engineer or two.

Not only did my design need to be bright enough to keep me visible in the dark and in miserable weather, but sensitive to small movements and slow running.

The design had to be very wearable, lightweight and non encumbering too, so I wouldn't be able to feel it when it was being worn on long distances. 

I took my time to get this right and after several months tinkering and as many sharp weeks of hard design effort I have perfected the product, which I called the Million Mile Light.

It's so simple. Clip it on and go.

It keeps me shining bright and it uses no batteries, so what's not to love - I've engineered it to never give up.

- Tom Lawton, Inventor of the Million Mile Light



by Angela Kmiec


The Million Mile Light came in a single box with no additional packaging, this really support the eco-friendly message surrounding the product.  Instructions supplied were simple, sufficient and clear, with images to support the information given.

Million Mile Running Lights Review


My first impressions of the light were that it was neat and compact and definitely something you could store in a jacket/pocket so you had it on hand when out and about.  The product was ready to go, with very little assembly and no charging needed before its first use.

Million Mile Battery Free Running Lights Review



The Million Mile Light was really easy to use, I tried it in different positions and on different fabric and it stayed secure and attached with no movement at all.  It is very sensitive to small movements and the light itself is bright. It is useable in all weather.


If you are running on your own in a quiet area, the noise created by the movement to create the charge can become a bit annoying.

When you are stopped, for example at a road crossing, the light goes off as there is no movement.   


The great thing about this product is its reusability.  There is no need to charge it and you can therefore pick it up and go, without having to think or plan in advance of your run.


The Million Mile Light is an innovative product, which has had a lot of positive comments from running friends.  I know the light will definitely get a lot of use over the winter months during evening runs. It is great to see some eco-friendly products coming into the running community.  I will definitely be recommending this product to other runners for it ease of use, value for money and eco-friendly values.



Could this be the start of the eco-friendly revolution in sport? We hope so...

If you would like to buy Million Mile Light, simply purchase below:


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Caroline Dean
Caroline Dean

Caroline is our queen ambassador, organising all the free gifts that ambassadors receive in exchange for reviews. Caroline's passion is collecting all those half marathon medals (and annoyingly showing them off to us in the office!)

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