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Seatylock is pleased to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for SeatyGo, a groundbreaking bike seat that solves the most significant problems that millions of cyclists around the world face in their daily commuting experience.

It's the first and only complete solution for saddle theft, for keeping your saddle dry in wet weather conditions and for protecting your saddle from long term damages caused by sun and humidity.

SeatyGo is based on a unique configuration that separates the rails from the saddle platform, thus allowing you to easily take off your saddle and make sure it always stays safe and dry. With the SeatyGo the rails stay on your bike, while the saddle platform easily goes off.

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Cyclists all over the world deal with issues of safety and maintenance on a daily basis. In order to keep their bike seat safe and dry cyclists typically remove their seat post and take it on the go or leave their seat locked in an improvised manner. Both options are partial and incomplete, leaving cyclists without a convenient and practical solution to secure their saddle from theft while also protecting it from weather related damages. That’s why Michael Shenkerman, CEO and co-founder of Seatylock, felt compelled to find a solution for this problem by approaching the traditional bike seat configuration in a completely different manner, free of the limitations that the standard bike seat imposes.
“At Seatylock we always try to look at problems and inconveniences that the cycling community encounters and think of simple and applicable solutions” said Shenkerman. “Living in a city with many cyclists, for years I have been noticing people walking around with their seat posts like large torches in their hands. I also noticed a huge amount of bike seats that were in terrible shape because they got wet due to rain and snow or were just destroyed by the summer sun. None of the solutions for these problems are effective and convenient, that’s why we came up with the SeatyGo - to put an end to this everlasting problem in a simple and user-friendly manner”.

SeatyGo will come in 3 different models (Dynamic, Urban and Ebike) to offer a solution for all types of cyclists, no matter what kind of saddle and riding posture they prefer. Its construction technique includes a waterproof microfiber cover bonded onto a flexible base, allowing the use of soft foam for added comport, extra durability and supreme performance. “All three models are designed to create a responsive, comfortable, light saddle and SeatyGo’s concept will make sure your saddle will last for many years” said Shenkerman. He added that “The SeatyGo is truly going to improve the daily commuting experience for millions of cyclists around the world. I believe that in a couple of years most cyclists will adapt the SeatyGo solution, its truly a game changer”.

Estimated Launch and Pricing: SeatyGo’s Kickstarter will run until the 23th of October, 2019. Its goal is to raise $30,000 for a December 2019 launch (just in time for the holidays) with an MSRP of $85. Kickstarter backers will get 20-30 percent off, starting at $60, and can choose between the three models which will be available in multiple colors: black, grey and red.


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