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It is with great pleasure that we are promoting Affinity Altitude's kickstarter campaign

Let's here from Charlie and Samuel about Affinity Altitude and their altitude simulation device.


Affinity Altitude, founded in 2015 by Olympian Charlie Grice, is an endurance performance company,specialising in providing the latest generation of altitude simulation equipment to elite athletes and the wider endurance sport community. We have a combined background of over 30 years of direct involvement within the endurance sport community; therefore, we understand the importance of listening to athletes, maximising performance and product satisfaction.

Altitude simulation technology replicates the lower oxygen environment, found high up in the mountains, contained within a tent that can be slept in (or through a mask when exercising). This enhances the body’s ability to carry oxygen, by stimulating an increase the production of red blood cells. This technology has been reliably shown to improve the endurance performance of not just runners, cyclists and triathletes, but also swimmers, rowers, boxers, walkers, mountaineers and team sport athletes.


Why choose Affinity Altitude? 

Our systems have been used and endorsed by multiple Olympic Gold Medallists, world-class triathletes, Tour de France cyclists and Formula 1 drivers. Alongside these sporting giants, numerous more international level athletes and organisations from around the world have also become a core part of the Affinity
Altitude team. However, we are always looking to improve our athlete experience. After an extensive market analysis with our athlete ambassadors and the endurance sport community - we identified three key factors: weight, noise
and price.

Once we found this out, we got to work!

The Tent: Through collaboration with Sir Mo Farah, Alistair Brownlee and a leading tent manufacturer in the UK, we redesigned our tents so that they are now the lightest, most compact and portable products on the market! This has been achieved by using light and breathable tent materials, alongside developing a unique air flow system through the framework of the tent itself. This creates a more even and continuous flow of air into the tent, further minimising noise and enhancing sleep quality.

The Generator: Following extensive testing, we have changed our generators to a quieter (45dB compared to an industry standard of 50dB). We have found that these systems still reduce the oxygen concentration in the tent in as little as 8 minutes for The Farah tent and 20 minutes for The Brownlee tent. These generators are capable of simulating the equivalent of up to 6500m altitude in our

With this latest release, we aim to revolutionise the altitude simulation and endurance performance market with our brand new tent designs – providing the highest performance generator technology alongside our novel tents designed and handmade in the UK. Through minimising the weight and changing the materials of our tents, quieter generators and a creating novel efficient air
flow system - we are able to offer significantly cheaper altitude systems compared to all of our competitors.

We are excited to launch our new systems on Kickstarterfor £1399 (limited time only). This is 1/2 the cost of the average market price of an altitude sleeping system (£2800).

Team Kit Radar
Team Kit Radar

This is an official post by the team at Kit Radar. Supporting sports startups, science and technology.

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