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The Bike Bin is a bicycle pannier bag replacement, it's made from recyclable materials here in Great Britain.

Unlike current pannier bags, that offer poor protection from the elements or very little bump and knock protection. Bike bins 2.5mm plastic construction not only provides that much needed defence for your precious cargo, but is also heavily water resistant (Think British weather) and lockable.

The 17.5ltr storage capacity stores your much needed luggage for a range of uses, including a good food shop and space for fragile gear and tech. The Rixen and Kaul "Klickfix" fittings provide strong attachment on most pannier racks for the front and rear of a bicycle.

Bike Bins Panniers

The idea for the bike bin came from retired petroleum engineer Sam Lowings, while on a small ride from Exeter to Vladivostok.... a mere 13720 KM's he was plagued with wet or damaged pannier bag contents and set about fixing the world of soft pannier bags upon his return to the British isles. Fast forward 14 years and Phil Finden has taken the product back to the market place on kickstarter.

Phil Finden has worked within the cycle industry for 18 years and gains his experience in role from retail management to product manager for Garmin, we strongly believe that bike bins has a very strong place in the bicycle luggage market and we are taking to kickstarter to bring this product back to life.

Check out their Kickstarter video here:



Why are you starting a new sports brand?

I have various ideas currently running through my head for new and innovative products for cycling, however i was interrupted in the process of launching another idea by Sam and his advert on bike biz for Bike Bins, I was currently in Colombia at the time but picked up the phone immediately.....

A few months later and here we are!

Why Bike Bins?

I strongly feel that Bike Bins has a very unique position in the market, all we need is the funding to do the first production and some tooling modifications to update the bin and were good to go!

Since the brand was launched, the retail world has changed and a direct to consumer selling method suits this product right now for its rebirth back into the market.

BIke Bins Bike Bags

What makes Bike Bins different?

Many answers here, the Bike bins biggest plus is its protection - 2.5mm of plastic that gives the Bike Bin its rigid bold shape.

Using an injection moulded plastic allows the bin to protect your contents, many commuters ride with their laptop or other breakable items.

The other major difference is the ability for the Bike Bin to be locked, which is super hand when on the bike around town.

Who is bike bins for?

Our main focus is urban riders, they could be a traditional commuter or someone who is using the bike as a main mode of transport.

However bike bins can be used in many different settings, from urban warriors to long distance touring.

Bike Bins Backpacking panniers and bags

What has been the most difficult thing so far?

The most difficult thing for me so far has been finding a supplier who knew what kickstarter was. You don't know how many injection moulding specialist i phoned before finding one that knew what kickstarter was?!

Without this understanding it was very hard to continue the conversation of how many i am going to be ordering vs pricing!

However the challenge of doing everything from financial planning to being a photo model and editing a video has definitely pushed me to new limits. 

Is this a concept or are you manufacturing ready?

The injection moulding tooling exists and we are ready to go!

Bike Bins hard case panniers

Anything else we should know?

The bigger this project gets, the more exciting the business will become.

Get in touch and we will help you make the decision, with more funding we can add more colours, and a whole raft of accessories to go along with the Bike Bin.

Where can we find out more?

We will have lots of activity on instagram and facebook, if you have a question that is currently unanswered then get in touch with me directly by emailing bikebins.com@gmail.com

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