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Delivered ever day, this newsletter inspires the world's greatest sports innovators to create the new future of sport.



  • Limited Edition Patterned Lifters: Powerlifting is gaining interest fast!! and this store is rocking it with these unique designs. Notorious Lift
  • Pickleball is taking hold of the US at the moment, and Booking Platforms are starting to trend on google. Here is the one of the fastest growing. Playtomic
  • Mini Interactive Fitness Mirrors will be all the rage in future homes. Here is the latest offering. Fiture Mini
  • Big names starting to launch their VR quest for fitness. Les Mills Bodycombat hits the MetaVerse. Les Mills Bodycombat Review
  • Twerk-OUT!!! it's a Twerkout! The new fitness revolution of 2023???!! Have a go watching this video. 305 Fitness

Notorious Lift Limited Edition Weight Lifting Shoes


Crowdfunding (Upcoming /Live /Last 30 Days)

  • FUNDED: $1.8 million dollar sports bottle - glass interior, a cool insulating exterior, different tops, secret compartment, tea infusion and 5 other super features by TMB | The Modular Bottle
  • FUNDED: Maximize your uppercut - adding weight to your bicep curl, throws and punches by Crushball Bicep Booster and Uppercut Punch Activator Fit
  • FUNDED: 12-in-1 Graphene Activewear + Shapewear - Using the power of graphene to distribute heat, feel cooler and more comfortable by Summre Studio

$1.8 million modular sports bottle


Body / Mind

  • Ab rollers are getting an digital uplift. Check out ZeroWheel
  • Start to monitor your REM sleep using an in-home sleep mask. SomaSleep
  • More digital sleeping with these SmartGoogles that personalise heat, vibration and massage settings. Therabody SmartGoggles

Digital Smart Ab Roller - Zero Wheel


Sports Science

"The results demonstrate that the presence of a therapy dog has the potential to increase physical activity in obese children."

Wohlfarth, R. et al. (2013) Dogs motivate obese children for physical activity: key elements of a motivational theory of animal-assisted interventions

We highlighted this study as we think that as our children move further into a digital age it would be wonderful to explore relationships with the real world and encourage physical activity through interactions with animals. 


Digital (AR, VR, AI, E-Sports, etc.)

  • Fitness quests. Lose yourself in worlds bursting with unique challenges, exciting enemies and endless rewards. With endless content to explore, never do the same workout twice. Quell Gaming
  • Oculus now allows you to track your data outside the headset using Apple Health app for example.
  • Arena based ARcade sports starting to get noticed by some big players. Worth a look if you have never seen them. OnTop Studios

Quell Gaming Fitness Adventure Quests Esports


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Team Kit Radar
Team Kit Radar

This is an official post by the team at Kit Radar. Supporting sports startups, science and technology.

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