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  1. Trending in the opposite direction to what we normally post, e-bike sales are slowing due to economic pressures on individuals. In 2022, value sales of eBikes hit an estimated £310 million, down from £330 million in 2021. Although sales are set to temporarily slow between 2022 and 2023, Mintel predicts faster growth to return to the eBike market from 2024 onwards.
  2. Female specific soccer boots. If you ever want to read how to get from an idea to a final product, then you should read the story of IDA sports. Well done Laura Youngson!
  3. 3D printed shoe mold manufacturing. Ever wanted to create your own shoes? Well learn part of the process by watching this video on "a new method of shoe sole mold manufacturing using additive manufacturing."
  4. Want to see what it would be like in F1 Team. Watch MacLaren Technologies recent Youtube video: "24 hours in an F1 Team"
  5. Interactive, virtual, events platform Notable Live has partnered with e-commerce giant eBay to leverage NFTs for fan experiences with their favorite sports players, leagues and teams, among other initiatives. Ebay have been slowly making moves in this space for a few years now - watch out OpenSea.

IDA Female Specific Football Boots


Crowdfunding Now

  1. THUMBSTER - Bicycle thumb shifter. Bringing old bikes back to life
  2. ILLUSION - Nitecore SLB05 Modular Commuting Sling Bag
  3. Kootenay - Top Grade Titanium Carabiner With Handy Back Clip
  4. Naturaldrop - The Private Tent Bed 40cm above Ground
  5. ModelScope Lab - Super Sturdy Folding High-Capacity Scooter Bag

Kootenay Karabiner (ok we added a K but it looked good)


Body / Mind

  1. Why are you wasting all that time in the gym, when you can 3D print your own muscles. Watch the latest developments in 3D printed muscle technology.
  2. In fact why give up there? Why not print your own steaks to eat. Check out the latest food printing technologies here.
  3. We have all been there. Where were have fallen, slid, tripped or flat our dived onto a rough surface and sliced our skin. Stitches are a nightmare to get right, but not anymore. Check out Zipstitch (or the image below will tell you all you need to know).
  4. Temple massage robot: Hands-free temple massage that calms your mind – LEROU
  5. Never thought I would say this but mushroom burgers seem to be all the rage at the moment, lead by brands like Meati

3D Print your own food - the latest in MeaTech

Zipstitch suture

Sports Science

"Our findings indicate that core training improved different variables of performance such as balance, throw/hit, and vertical and horizontal jump."

Rodríguez-Perea et al., 2023 - Core training and performance: a systematic review with meta-analysis - Link

Ok! So this was good news and bad news for me. I am not the biggest core training fan, but for the past 6 months I have been doing 100 core exercises every time I go to the gym.

Good news is that all that effort is not wasted. 

Bad news is I have to continue doing them! Ach well! Here's hoping I get super-abs

Well if you want to deep dive into core training there isn't a better research paper

Technology (AR, VR, AI, E-sports, etc.)

  1. Wolves (Wolverhampton Wanderes; Premier League Soccer Team) create virtual Molineux Stadium for Rezzil’s VR platform. Wolves are the second Premier League team to partner with Rezzil, after champions Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium was integrated into the VR platform in 2022.
  2. Virtual Reality (VR) in Healthcare Market May See a Big Move : CAE Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Medtronic
  3. Sency's AI Fitness App gaining traction with half a million people in 188 countries using their apps, and the Israeli company recently become the official mobility partner for the USA weightlifting team.
  4. The global mobile health and fitness sensor market is expected to reach an estimated $8.6 billion with a CAGR of 15.9% from 2021 to 2027
  5. Sharecare launches VR program to improve well-being of American workforce and bring innovation to exercise


AI Sports Equipment Design of the Day

We are loving AI at the moment and think it will change how we design sports equipment forever, so here is our new design of the day.

This week's inspiration was the 3D printed shoe mold technology. So, we took a gamble and typed in only a few words into PlaygroundAI - 3D Printed Running Shoe - and this is what came back. Not bad, not bad....

3D Printed Running Shoe - no prompts 1


None of the content is sponsored, we simply love the work they do and think it will spark a little bit of inspiration over your coffee break.

If something is sponsored in the future we will let you know!

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Team Kit Radar
Team Kit Radar

This is an official post by the team at Kit Radar. Supporting sports startups, science and technology.

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