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  1. Trash Free Trails - Great initiative to clean up our environment using the power of the community. As an international community of runners, riders and roamers, on a mission to reconnect people with nature through the simple, yet meaningful act of reducing single-use pollution, TFT tackle terrestrial pollution with an upbeat, optimistic and welcoming attitude.
  2. This is the Ultimate Toolbox - actually that is the name as well - brilliant reuse / recycling of barrels and perfect for the garage.
  3. Cheetahs and Dolphins can help you get to the Olympics, if you look hard enough according to Caeleb Dressel. Athletes & coaches should always be looking at the animal kingdom for inspiration, even if it is to learn the awesome names used to describe locomotion like these:
    1. Anguilliform, in which a wave passes evenly along a long slender body;
    2. Sub-carangiform, in which the wave increases quickly in amplitude towards the tail;
    3. Carangiform, in which the wave is concentrated near the tail, which oscillates rapidly;
    4. Thunniform, rapid swimming with a large powerful crescent-shaped tail;
    5. Ostraciiform, with almost no oscillation except of the tail fin
  4. When Nike went to launch FlyEase, it came across Kizik and realized the brand already owned most of the technology that Nike had tried to invent. Instead of risking it or gobbling up Kizik, Nike decided to invest in Kizik and license the hands-free tech from the brand. Learn more about this story from Skip Lei Kizik's chief product officer.
  5. The rise of Physics in sport. Unless you are a engineering geek like us, you probably hated the sciences in college. Well this might make it a little more fun. VR / AR & games are looking to sports physicians to help them replicate real-life ball conditions. Check out this video about Tennis Ball Physics in esports.

Kizik shoes


Crowdfunding Now

  1. Simurgh Ultima Windbreaker - All-Weather Protection Jacket - Link
  2. Back Transformer - Powerful Posture in One Hour a Day - Link
  3. EcoBeachie - Beach Sled - Link
  4. LUCIIDA - Motorized Wheel Conversion Kit - Link
  5. Evolutionary Backpack - Perfect for Travel, Work, and Beyond - Link

Back Transformer


Body / Mind

  1. Realistic models of human organs: 3D printing the human heart - Link
  2. Self-healing materials were once the work of science fiction, but nowadays, those silver screen ideas are flourishing in the real world - Link
  3. Check out the rise of Functional Patterns by Naudi Aguilar. By breaking it down into the most fundamental components, we define 'functional' on the shared functions that anthropologists say define our human species from every other animal on planet earth: The FP First Four — Standing, Walking, Running, and Throwing.
  4. WeFast is an intermittent fasting app aimed at women - Link
  5. Care/of: Personalized Daily Vitamin Packs - Get vitamins and supplements for your health goals and diet, made from the best ingredients, shipped to you each month. - Link

Care/Of Personalized vitamins


Technology (AR, VR, AI, E-sports, etc.)

  1. Even though we own a bike shop - I just can't tell if this is a good idea? Introducing Bike Mechanic Simulator 2023 - probably not as fun as Goat Simulator, are we going to see a new breed of games related to sports jobs - Sports Physio Simulator, Golf Instructor Simulator, maybe?!
  2. Wahoo Fitness has launched an all new RGT Steering feature, introduced to Wahoo X, via the virtual cycling platform RGT - KICKR STEER.
  3. ESPN, Disney Channel and the National Hockey League Team Up for First-Ever ‘NHL Big City Greens Classic’ - Link
  4. The Tech Behind The Big Game: All About Super Bowl 2023 - Link
  5. New NFT marketplace for sport industry. Securely buy and sell unique digital collectibles - Link

Bike Mechanic Simulator 2023


AI Sports Equipment Design of the Day

We are loving AI at the moment and think it will change how we design sports equipment forever, so here is our new design of the day.

Today's inspiration:

Self-healing materials. So we asked Playground AI to design the next generation of self-healing fabrics for clothing and this is what it produced.

Self Healing Fabric 1 generated by AI

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Team Kit Radar
Team Kit Radar

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