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  1. It's time! The time we have all been waiting for. The time to wear truly customised shoes. The rise of the custom shoe market is astronomical and there are plenty of brands to choose from:
  2. Alive Shoes - gives talented and creative people all over the world the professional resources to design their own custom shoes and launch a shoe line from scratch - Link
  3. Shoes Of Prey - Design your own shoes online & have them made to fit your exact measurements - Link
  4. Diverge - Customizable sneakers ethically made to order - Link
  5. Mrs Kicks - Dive into the creative world of custom sneakers - Link
  6. Bullfeet - Customize sneakers online - Link
  7. Drippy - Unique Personalized Air Force 1, Nike, Adidas sneakers from verified artists. - Link

Alive Shoes 1


Crowdfunding Now

  1. ST@TEMENT - Transformable, Durable & Sleek Bag for holding all your stuff together - Link
  2. Aintro Handlebars - Harmony meets elegance in cycling - Link
  3. Grow Blanks - Providing the surf industry with a sustainable plant-based eco-alternative to surfboard foam - Link
  4. Outdoor Camping - 6 in 1 Kiln Cooking in a Fire Pit! - Link
  5. Uncle Luca Studios - 3D Printable Football/Soccer Legends of all time. STL files. - Link

Statement Bags


Body / Mind / Nutrition

  1. Did you know only 5% of Americans get the recommended amount of dietary fiber in their diets? Metamucil Fiber Gummies are a delicious and easy way to increase your daily fiber intake while also nourishing the good bacteria in your gut. Metamucil is one of the rising brands and it appears fiber is the new supplement to take.
  2. A popular word being used by new supplement start-ups is Bisglycinate. Honestly, this is a very hard one to understand, easy to describe but difficult to digest (yes, that was a bad pun!). The best article we found was this one by 88Herbs, but we have seen Iron Bisglycinate, Magnesium Bisglycinate & Zinc Bisglycinate - we are not sure if it relates to all types.
  3. Wet Hydrationare a new stylish beverage brand creating the ultimate hydration made from curated nutrients and unique flavors blended in perfect harmony.
  4. Nix’s Hydration Biosensor gaining all the headlines with their pod-and-patch combo that alerts endurance athletes when they should hydrate during a workout. Here is a review by The Verge
  5. Bit gassy? You might need an enzyme syrup. Unienzyme Syrup 200 ml helps in relieving digestive disorders like indigestion, heartburn, gas, and abdominal discomfort. It contains two digestive enzymes, namely: Diastase and Pepsin.

Wet Hydration Beverages


Technology (AR, VR, AI, E-sports, etc.)

  1. How The Edit LDN plans to take over the world of sneakers, resale and NFTs - Link
  2. Get your unique sneaker design with this AI tool - Link - this is a coders way of tackling this task with links to code in GitHub
  3. Europe’s first NFT vending machine to launch in London. Some of the purchased tokens have a potential value of up to £1,000, myNFT says.
  4. Move to earn market growing with a new entrant from Limoverse, a blockchain-based health and wellness ecosystem and metaverse, has launched HealthFi and Partnerverse. While most people want to stay fit and healthy, sticking to a fitness or wellness regimen has always been difficult," said Sajeev Nair, Co-Founder, Limoverse
  5. We seen this great article on "Creative ways to use 3D printing" and came across cool new shoe designs with cool names: Cryptide Sneaker and Weaver+ Shoes

Cryptide Sneaker


AI Sports Equipment Design of the Day

We are loving AI at the moment and think it will change how we design sports equipment forever, so here is our new design of the day.

Today's inspiration:

Of course we couldn't resist PlaygroundAI creating a custom shoe design based on the Cryptide Sneaker.


AI generated Cryptide Sneaker

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Team Kit Radar
Team Kit Radar

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