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  1. Wilson has unveiled the first-ever 3D-printed airless basketball but it is still in its prototype phase. The ‘first-of-its-kind’ 3D printed ball is playable and, according to the company, nearly fits the performance specifications of a regulation basketball, including its weight, size and rebound. The ball does not need to be inflated as it is comprised of a black, see-through lattice with eight panel-like ‘lobes’ - Link
  2. Virtual Reality (VR) health and medical services become a reality for patients in Romania and the Republic of Moldavia using Senopass - Link
  3. Vegan leather shoe producer Rapidbox has raised US$4.5 million in a series A funding round which it will use to expand its product range and develop the brand - Link
  4. Jordan Unveils Jayson Tatum’s First Sneaker: the Jordan Tatum 1 - Link
  5. Netflix Show x Sporting Goods collaborations are growing. Spalding are hoping that their Stranger Things basketballs appeals to a larger audience. Do you agree? - Link

Wilson 3D Printed Airless Basketball

Jordan Tatum 1 Sneaker


Crowdfunding Now

  1. Iris - Smart ring | Elevate style. Embrace self-awareness - Link
  2. Sleepmi Z3 - The Smart Anti-Snoring Device For Perfect Sleep - Link
  3. THE PHOENIX - A Sweet Shoe made of Sugarcane - Link
  4. ADO Air - The Best Ultra-light Folding E-Bike - Link
  5. RESPIRAY - Relieve Your Airborne Allergies - Link

Iris Smart Ring

Phoenix Sugar Cane Shoe

Respiray breathing purified air


Body / Mind / Nutrition

  1. Algae seems to be the new superfood, colouring and flavouring trend. Check out these 3 new innovations:
  2. Ful has created a vivid blue-colored soda made with spirulina, a blue-green algae - Link
  3. Hoppy Urban Brew has launched a blue beer that makes use of a special algae - Link
  4. New Farmers recently launched its fresh frozen spirulina cubes to help consumers add nutrition to their smoothies - Link
  5. Smart insole to identify and mitigate workplace slips, trips and falls - Link

Ful is a Offering Blue Algae-Based Beverages


Hoppy Urban Blue Brew

New Farmers fresh frozen spirulina cubes


Digital Technology (AR, VR, AI, E-sports, etc.)

  1. One day, Antoine had a revolutionary idea. He wanted to create a 3D editor that would allow anyone to create an online metaverse from any web browser. Well today is his day - he has created the Editor GT. Support his project here - Link
  2. MASS Producing Titanium Bike Levers on a 3D Printer, Learn the process here - Link
  3. WAGMI United and adidas Team Up to Explore the Future of Sport Through Innovative Web3 Partnership - Link
  4. LootMogul is a new sports metaverse platform that is aimed at offering a unique experience for sports fans and influencers. Virtual real estate, training academies, blockchain games, and meta shops for brands and athletes power the platform - Link
  5. Step App partner with Usain Bolt. Step App is the first app on the step protocol that helps you earn money through exercise. Is Step App going to win the step to earn market? - Link

WAGMI United and adidas Team Up NFT Crypto

LootMogul is a Sports Metaverse Powered by Virtual Assets

Step App partner with Usain Bolt


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Team Kit Radar

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