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  1. Smart Rings! Honestly when we seen Oura quite a few years back, we thought smart rings would be a fad. So it is time to stick our hands up and say we were wrong!! The latest smart ring to pick up the headlines is Ultrahuman. Ultrahuman will provide Real-time metabolic biomarkers all day, all year. Can't wait to see if they are any good.
  2. This is new - we are going to reference a sport that was created in 1940's that is now trending - Throwball. Popular in Asia, especially in India, throwball is catching on around the world growing over 100% in Google Trends, perhaps it will be the next pickleball????
  3. Kickerball - making mega moves on Amazon. The kickerball was one of this years hot Christmas presents. Such a simple idea to get kids off their iPad and into the fields
  4. Solar powered sports equipment. It's been a while coming, but we think the technology is ready to hit the masses. Cycling computers (the link is the first one ever) appear to be the area that solar powered gear is working well, so let's see how it progresses to other fields, sports, beaches and athletic tracks near you.
  5. Gokoo are trying to commoditise smart watches with affordable options. They have gained 3000% interest from buyers on Google since 2022.

Ultrahuman Ring Wearables & Sports


Crowdfunding Now

  1. GOOOCAP - Inflatable protective headwear that can be placed under motorbike and cycling helmets. We have always known that air is a great lightweight protector - perhaps GOOOCAP can convince the public.
  2. CHVFG - The 3-in-1 Versatile Fascia Gun for Everyone - Heat, Cold and Vibrate
  3. HCK5R - All Season Graphene Heated Gloves
  4. Life In A Pack - Your complete adventure and survival pack
  5. Toolix - The coolest way to keep your tools tidy when camping

Gooocap The Ultra Sports Airbag Helmet


Body / Mind

  1. Earn money while you workout with Paceline Credit Card. "However you move, you’ll be rewarded with up to 5% cash back on Health & Wellness purchases when you hit your streak" - ooofffftttt - love this idea. Others include Zeus & Neero Health
  2. Feeling cold at the moment? Don't worry - Carhartt's new AI powered $220 smart heated vest will be available starting February 1st and automatically adjusts the temperature to keep you comfortable in the cold.
  3. Wearables market grows to $60 Billion according to Yahoo
  4. Need some Hot Sauce? Well tomorrow you may be stretching for Mountain Dew Hot Sauce on the top shelf of your local supermarket. A brand stretching too far off piste? Oh! and it's neon blue to boot.
  5. Gummy this, gummy that. Seems likes gummies are no longer the staple of children, but the snacksident of adults. Electrolyte gummies feature potassium, sodium, chloride and calcium for a full replenishment of essential electrolytes

Mountain Dew Hot Sauce


Sports Science

"In this paper, we present a wearable and a set of machine learning models that
are able to deduce runners’ emotions during their training. The solution is based on the analysis of runners’ electrodermal activity, a physiological parameter widely used in the field of emotion recognition."

Baldassarri et al., 2023 -  Wearables and Machine Learning for Improving Runners’ Motivation from an Affective Perspective - Link

Interesting! Are emotions one of the strongest indicators of performance on a specific day? 

We simply do not know, but it's an interesting theory and it would be great to investigate any correlations. Good luck to these guys!


Technology (AR, VR, AI, E-sports, etc.)

  1. AirRes Mask - A Precise and Robust Virtual Reality Breathing Interface. Making us feel like VR is real!
  2. Latest release from HTF Market Intelligence Consulting gives an 69 page overview of the VR Fitness Game Market
  3. Ryan Engle of Golf+ gives VR Fitness Insider Podcast the low down on VR Golf
  4. Need to make your product smart? Check out Baracoda - a smart productising (is that a word?) consultancy
  5. Nice review of the 12 best VR boxing games to play in 2023 by exputer

AirRes Mask: A Precise and Robust Virtual Reality Breathing Interface

Hot Brands

  1. Stio - a fast growing mountain sports brand, where the CEO Stephen Sullivan says "Stio is apparel we are confident you will live in, in both the epic and everyday moments of your outdoor life." Well done guys!
  2. Autry - Hot new sneaker brand making waves in America
  3. Ododos - Trending athleisure brand. Odos means Way - Ododos means "With you every stretch of the way!"
  4. If you can't go to the course, then get a Putt-a-bout - coming back to a boardroom near you.
  5. Sanabul - great new brand making boxing gloves cool

Sanabul Ronin Professional Boxing Gloves

Sanabul ICON Boxing gloves


AI Sports Equipment Design of the Day

We are loving AI at the moment and think it will change how we design sports equipment forever, so here is our new design of the day.

If unicorns made boxing gloves using playgroundAI

If unicorns made boxing gloves 1

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Team Kit Radar

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