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Delivered every working day, our email newsletter inspires the world's greatest sports innovators to create the future of sport. Enter your email below to subscribe - it's FREE!!!!

Delivered every working day, this newsletter inspires the world's greatest sports innovators to create the future of sport.


  • Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise. We are seeing these guys popping up everywhere in articles talking about the amount of calories burnt whilst playing VR games. Great name and great science into this new field.
  • Remote Reality is a simple concept that involves taking control of a real object remotely and in real time. Polyptik has applied this principle to car racing by creating Vrombr, the first 5G Remote Reality Racing experience for smartphones
  • African mobile gamers growing from an estimated 77 million in 2015 to 186 million in 2022. Companies like Gamr Africa (an esports platform) are helping accelerate the trend.
  • Are electric exoskeleton!!! three-wheelers going to be the next big thing? Check out Exo-line
  • Vegan Soccer Cleats - Nottingham (U.K) based sportswear company Sokito have crafted boots from castor beans and recycled nylon as a vegan alternative to leather


Exo-line Electric Exoskeleton Three Wheelers



  • Biigloo - Integrated with NASA aerospace insulation technology (Aerogel Sleeping Bag). Designed for your extreme -40°F/-40°C adventures on Earth. All-round windproof, ultralight, 10,000mm waterproof.
  • Rowbro - A Compact Indoor Rower that Fits in Every Home
  • Max SUP Pump - 20PSI Cordless Electirc Air Pump for SUP& KITE
  • Giga Pump 4.0 - The Smallest Powerful 3 in 1 Air Pump
  • Grinders Parka - Aerogel Smart Parka with 100 features


Giga Pump - super quick miniature pump


Body / Mind

  • We all know that music helps us perform better, well Spiritune claim to be the only music platform that leverages clinical music therapy and neuroscience to compile personalized playlists.
  • Frenzband is the world's first AI-powered brainband that tracks SpO2, heart rate, head motion and breathing rhythm
  • Signos is aiming to help people control their diet and metabolism by making micro-changes through advice from a wearable and app.
  • Fufuly pillow is designed to pulsate and help people reduce their anxiety levels. Great for the night before a big competition.
  • Nasoclenz is like a toothbrush for your nose! Think it would help you breathe better during sport with those pipes being cleaned?


Nasoclenz - a toothbrush for your nose


Sports Science

A study published in Frontiers in Rehabilitation Sciences shows that virtual exercise may have the potential to be especially beneficial for individual’s health by making people exert more energy than they believe they are while partaking in it.

Stewart et al., 2022 - Actual vs. perceived exertion during active virtual reality game exercise - Link

This brings me back to stealth fitness. A popular mode of fitness that we were trying to create in children's playground equipment around 20 years ago.

There is nothing better than enjoying yourself whilst exercising and not realising that you are burning significant calories.


Technology (AR, VR, AI, E-sports, etc.)

  • Logitech has launched its first-ever pair of gaming-grade wireless earbuds. Perfect for your new AR / VR sporting ventures
  • Sports Tech Founders share insights on ways sports brands can implement AR, VR, and XR technology to generate new revenue streams on Hype Sports Innovation
  • Imagine AR is an AR-as-a-Service self-publishing platform for the sports and events industries.
  • FansXR have created an extended reality broadcasting service for mobile (see picture below)
  • FootAR provides a second-screen experience that empowers sports fans to enhance live smart data through their smartphone.


Logitech Gaming Quality Wireless Earbuds

FansXR Mobile Extended Reality Broadcasting Service


AI Sports Equipment Design of the Day

We are loving AI at the moment and think it will change how we design sports equipment forever, so here is our new design of the day.

Today's inspiration is Biiglow the aerogel sleeping bag using NASA technology.

What would the best sleeping bag for the moon be?

What is the best sleeping bag for the moon? PlaygroundAI

What is the best sleeping bag for the moon? Version 2 PlaygroundAI

Hopefully it will provide some inspiration!

Over and out!

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Team Kit Radar
Team Kit Radar

This is an official post by the team at Kit Radar. Supporting sports startups, science and technology.

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